Do you want to improve your organisation's performance?

Through continuous improvement, organisational optimisation and change management, we help companies achieve their performance and growth objectives.

Do you have ambitious plans? We have the expertise to make it happen.

We have the expertise and know-how to help you achieve your objectives effectively and sustainably. Accelerate your growth and performance with our range of services that will meet your expectations, even the most demanding!

Helping organisations put in place innovative management practices to help them achieve their performance and growth targets.

Continuous improvement starts with optimizing your business processes. To achieve this, you need to mobilize your teams and encourage them to identify the problems they face and find solutions.

Optimizing your processes will give you a competitive edge and generate added value for your customers and employees.

Create synergy between effective communication and a participative approach to mobilize all stakeholders in a process.

Managing in LEAN mode means increasing your organizational agility, an essential characteristic for any organization wishing to keep up with the ever-accelerating pace in which it evolves.

To be more agile, you need reliable, predictive indicators, so you can project quickly into the future. You also need to be able to react quickly, thanks to simple, rapid decision-making processes.

Our experts are committed to developing the skills of your in-house talent. We know that the long-term success of the changes made within your organization depends on the development of your employees' autonomy.

The members of the Bernard Gagnon Group team have a wide range of knowledge that makes them the best experts. They specialize in business administration, management and authentic and transformational leadership.

Plusieurs d’entre eux possèdent aussi une expérience de l’industrie sans pareille qui leur permet de comprendre le contexte dans lequel évoluent les entreprises. Nous sommes prêts à participer au développement de vos équipes pour répondre à vos objectifs de croissance.

Taking into account the issues specific to each organization, the sound and effective management of change, the potential impact on customers and employees, and the achievement of concrete results.

Optimization and change are more than just ways of doing things. For the organization to change, a genuine culture of continuous improvement must be fostered.

To achieve this, leaders and managers need to know how to inspire, mobilize and influence their teams. They need to listen to them and support them, in order to foster empowerment.

Strategic coaching helps you develop your resources and align your improvement initiatives with your strategic objectives.

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Our mission is to guide you towards achieving operational excellence. Whether you're looking to achieve ambitious goals or face a variety of performance challenges, our passionate team will take you to the next level.

Process optimization in a hospital

Implementation of a LEAN culture of continuous improvement

Integration of LEAN Logistics concepts in a distribution center

Increase in production capacity in a factory

Experts who care about your success

We are recognized for our professionalism, the quality of our services and our determination to help companies achieve operational excellence.


We listen to your concerns

Every organization is unique, with its own identity, distinct culture and working methods. Understanding your organization's reality and challenges is at the heart of what we do. Our approach is based on openness and active listening, to best meet your specific needs.

Targeted results

Determined to achieve results

We don't just carry out a mandate. We use our expertise to provide you with personalized service, fully committed to achieving your objectives and ensuring your complete satisfaction. Our team is passionate, determined and committed to delivering a service that meets the highest expectations.


Respectful of those involved in change

At the heart of every change are people. During our interventions, we attach great importance to building solid relationships and answering the questions of those involved, thus fostering their ongoing commitment.

They have put their trust in us

Do you have ambitious goals? We help you achieve them!

Our experts have helped hundreds of North American organizations reorganize and optimize their business processes. You too can achieve your growth and performance objectives.

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