Healthcare: Process optimization in a hospital center


Accessibility and quality of services offered to the population are important issues for hospital centers, especially since managers in the field must deal with a shortage of personnel and limited budgets.


To do more and do better, the managers of the ophthalmology department of a hospital center were interested in optimizing processes. We helped them do things differently!

Mandate objectives

  • Improve the quality of patient services
  • Increase the intervention capacity of the operating room
  • Reduce operational costs


One of our senior advisors was appointed as project manager to support the team in implementing the proposed solutions. The following LEAN tools were used during his interventions:
  • IMPACT-Kaizen
  • LEAN Healthcare
  • Process mapping

Finally, the team was able to identify opportunities for improvement and support stakeholders in implementing solutions.


Work processes optimized by:

  • Reduction of operating costs
  • Elimination of non-value added activities
  • Improvement of technologies and working methods
  • Increase the intervention capacity of the operating room

Work efficiency improved by:

  • Clarification of roles and responsibilities
  • Better distribution of work
  • Standardization of ways of doing things

Accessibility and quality of care improved by:

  • Reduction of times and waiting lists
  • Improved support and quality of service
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