Efficient Five Lean Process Principles

Increasing or creating more value for customers while having less resources is known as "Lean", which means maximum customer value in minimum waste of things. Every lean organization understands and knows very well about customer value and its key processes. A perfect value creation process is required to provide the best value to the customer without wasting zero percent. Let's have a look at the five efficient lean process principles.

The Five Lean Process Principles are a set of guidelines to help companies achieve their business goals. This process is based on the idea that five key processes need to be optimized to achieve sustainable success.

The Five Lean Process Principles are:

1) Identify and Prioritize Key Business Objectives

Identifying and prioritizing business objectives can be a challenging task. With the right tools and processes, it is possible to go through each objective one at a time, identify priority areas, and then focus on those key areas.

2) Measure Performance Against Key Business Objectives

Business objectives are different from the goals of any individual employee. The company might have set expectations for each department, such as increasing sales or maintaining quality control and then assigned individual employees to those specific goals.

3) Improve Performance by Redesigning the Processes

One way organizations can improve performance is by redesigning the processes and workflows of their operations. This can lead to a more efficient workflow, improved responsiveness, and decreased errors.

4) Optimize the Processes for Sustainability

An organization’s impact on the environment is becoming increasingly important to many people. Organizations must be mindful of how their actions affect the world around them, including their ability to be sustainable. In order to reduce environmental impacts, organizations must optimize their processes.

5) Measure and Monitor Performance of the Processes

The success of every business depends on the process it uses to create, sell and deliver products, services and ideas. Without effective processes in place, you will struggle to grow your business. This is where a good process management system comes in handy.

How The Work Gets Done

It is common in our society to assume the method of doing a job without having concrete proof. Starting work without proper planning and training can cause many problematic situations. All work should begin with the development of a work plan. This step is used to determine what needs to be done or not, making the work process more efficient.

Focus On Customers

Ultimately, all the customers want the customer value. It is very simple to understand that high-quality services can be provided to the customers when the value will be increased with less resources than the cost given by the customers. It is your work to identify how you can provide high-quality services with minimum waste. The services should be cheaper, better and faster.

Remove Non-Value Activities

Examine your work process thoroughly, check every step and search for the non-value activities involved in your work process. If you find things that will not increase the customer value, eliminate them all from your work process to improve the process workflow. Customer satisfaction is the success of every business. Make sure your work process facilitates them wisely and enlarges the customer value.

Keep An Eye On Your Work Process

It is very important to keep testing, managing and examining your work process continuously. You should check your work process daily, find problems, highlight them and then eliminate them all from your work process. Even do not stop checking whether your work process is going perfectly fine and improving rapidly, you must keep an eye to maintain and enhance the improvement. No matter if the improvement has been achieved, keep trying to make it better and better.

Empower The Process Operators

The best way to improve a process is by the person who carries out the process. So, it's better to utilize the expertise and skill sets of the employees that should include talent, roles, priorities, purpose, norms, conflicts, effectiveness, decisions, success and feedback. When you utilize it all, your process will be way better than before and will surely improve.

These efficient lean process principles will surely help you increase customer value. You can take Lean Six Sigma training from one of the best lean management consulting providers 'Bernard Gagnon Group'.

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