Understand the Importance of Lean Six Sigma in Business

Most businesses started adopting the Lean Six Sigma methodology to provide better customer service. So many fields will benefit from this methodology, starting from retail, finance, healthcare, hospitality, corporate sectors and much more. Sometimes organization faces different kinds of rising cost that lead to more competition. But, with this methodology's help, most companies can certainly combat these problems.

What Six Sigma Is All About?

It is a kind of management methodology that helps companies use different types of data. This data actually helps to eliminate defects from any sort of process. Generally, this methodology depends upon two kinds of factors - DMAIC, which stands for Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control for the ongoing process. Another factor is DMADV, which stands for Define, Measure, Analyze, Design and Verify.

It Is A Data-Driven Approach

The concept and methodology are based upon statistical tools that improve the quality of the work. With the help of this methodology, you can be sure of good facts and figures. No matter what kind of decision is taken, it will certainly have a good effect on the quality and services of the business world. Maybe you have an experienced manager in your team, but whatever decision he is taking is certainly based on his gut feelings which might turn out positive. But, the Six Sigma methodology produces the best result that will positively impact your business.

Customer Loyalty Gets Improved

Even this methodology is important for a business that wants to retain its customers. Obviously, it is one of the landmarks to determine the firm's success as well. As per the survey, most people get dissatisfied with employee behavior and company policies. But, if you implement this method, the risk of dissatisfying customers will also get reduced. This method helps to run a customer study per the business that shows the best result for customer satisfaction.

Management of Time Is Important

If any company uses the structure of Six Sigma, then it is certain that the employees can manage their time accordingly. The users must set their goals and then apply the principles in the methodology. They can also create an action plan so that they don't deviate from their goal. This helps the employees work in balance and complete their work on time. It is seen that with the help of this methodology, people work 30 percent better and are happier than the normal ones.

Strategic Planning Becomes Easy

Six Sigma methodologies certainly play a very important role in any kind of strategic vision. If any business has carried out a certain SWOT analysis, then this methodology can help focus on the weakest part. Also, if the plan is to create a cost leader in the market, Six Sigma can improve internal processes by providing low-cost agreements.

Lean Six Sigma is a problem-solving approach that may be used to enhance product and service quality. The primary goal of Lean Six Sigma is to decrease waste and boost process efficiency. Lean Six Sigma uses data analysis, process improvement, and statistical methods to identify issues that need to be addressed for a business.

Lean Six Sigma helps companies make better decisions regarding their production processes, leading to higher customer satisfaction. It also helps companies save money by reducing defects, improving productivity and eliminating waste.

What is DMAIC?

DMAIC is the problem-solving approach that achieves the goals of LEAN Six Sigma.


The problem and project goals with a Project Charter


The process performance and map the activities.


The Wastes in the process and Identify Root Cause of the problem


The process performance during Kaizen event with selected team’s members


The improved process to sustain the benefits

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